Are you dealing with stress, anxiety, insomnia, depression or pain?

Discover the drug-free treatment that works!

Alpha- Stim® is a hand held medical device, approved by the Israeli Ministry of Health, the FDA in the U.S.A and CE in Europe for the treatment of anxiety, insomnia, depression and pain.

It utilizes a fast and proven method of electrotherapy and without medication, their side effects or risk of addiction.

Alpha-Stim's effectiveness, safety and reliability is backed by more than 100 studies, clinical trials and research projects over the past 35 years.

Get the relief that you deserve within 20 minutes a day!

Alpha-Stim AID

Alpha Stim AID is a breakthrough in the field of mental health; designed to treat stress, anxiety, depression and insomnia by a safe and proven electrotherapy method known as CES (cranial electrotherapy stimulation ).

CES delivers a natural level of microcurrent, via small clips worn on your earlobes, through the brain to stimulate and modulate specific groups of nerve cells. The result is in an increase in the level of neurotransmitters-serotonin and beta-endorphins & Alpha brain wave activity, along with significant anxiety relief, mood normalization, and better sleep both in quality and duration.

Treatments take only 20 minutes and you can use Alpha-Stim in the privacy of your own home or at work. 

Safe, Effective & Proven

Alpha-Stim’s effect is cumulative, meaning each therapy session is potentially more and more effective. So the treatment won’t lose its effect over time (like with many medications).

Alpha-Stim is designed to help you avoid or reduce the need for medication which can have undesirable side effects, risk of addiction and other health hazards.

But the device is also safe to use in conjunction with prescriptions or over-the-counter medications. 

Unlike medication, the Alpha-Stim leaves the mind alert and focused and it is not a hindrance to your daily routine and maintaining your quality of life.

According to surveys of doctors and patients, over 90% of patients report significant relief even when they haven't been able to obtain relief from other treatments.

Alpha-Stim M

Alpha-Stim M is a revolutionary integrated medical device that provides sustainable relief from acute, chronic, and post-traumatic pain through electrotherapy stimulation.

The pain sensation transmits through your body along billions of nerve cells designed to transmit pain messages through electrochemical signals.

By using hand-held probes or attachable electrodes at the site of the pain, Alpha-Stim M applies a unique and patented microcurrent waveform that modulates the signals within the cells and provides significant pain relief and pain management without medication.

In addition, Alpha-Stim M treats other conditions often associated with pain (including anxiety, insomnia, and depression). 



Start enjoying the calm and tranquility of Alpha-Stim treatment today!

Approved by the Ministry of Health, the FDA, and CE

Proven efficacy with over 100 studies 

Drug-free treatment without long-lasting side effects or risk of addiction 

User friendly! You can treat at home or work, while watching TV or reading 

You own the treatment! without accumulating costs of medication or clinic visits

Includes a 5 years of warranty, training and technical support 

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